was born in Cuneo, Piedmont. He got the diploma in Organ and Organ Composition and the diploma in Choral Music and Choral Conduction at the Music Conservatory “G.F. Ghedini” in Cuneo.

He has then followed master classes with Ewald Kooiman in Cremona, Michael Radulescu in Porrentruy, Lionell Rogg in Geneva and Jean Guillou in Zurich.

Concert artist since 1988, he plays in Italy and abroad (Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, England, Spain, United States, Switzerland, Poland) in the framework of important national and international Organ Festivals.

In October 2005 he was invited from the Italienisches Generalkonsulat Kulturabteilung in Köln to play a concert  in Sankt Andreas (OrgelMessen).

He cohoperates regularly with the RAI National Symphonic Orchestra, with which he has played for the first Italian execution of the work “Orion“ by K. Saariaho within the 48th Venice International Festival of Contemporary Music in October 2004. In September 2007 he recorded with them Scelsi’s Hymnos for Organ and two Symphonic Orchestras. In the same year he played in Piacenza, in the occasion of the celebrations for the 100th anniversary of  Jean Langlais’ birth, in a concert at the presence of his own wife, Jean-Marie Langlais, from whom he received enthusiastic opinions. Moreover in February 2008 he collaborated to the execution of the “War Requiem” by B. Britten in Turin, that was replicated within the “47 Semana de  Música Religiosa de Cuenca” in Spain.

He plays with internationally renowned artists like the Spanish flautist Claudi Arimany.

He has been invited to play in the Cathedral of Barcelona in April 2014 within the “Tercer Cicle dels Concerts d’Orgue” and in July 2014 he has been invited again after two years to give a concert in the Cahedral of Bruges (Belgium). In September of the same year he collaborated with the RAI National Symphonic Orchestra for the execution of Beethoven “Missa Solemnis” in the occasion of the celebrations for the twentieth year of the orchestra.

In June 2015 he collaborated to the execution of Faurè “Requiem” within the festival “Notes for the Holy Shroud” in Turin and he played organ works by Mendelssohn within “Organalia Expo 2015” on the monumental Tamburini organ in the church of Saint Angel in Milan. The same concert has been given within the festival “Mito for the town” in the church of the Holy Face in Turin. He has recently been invited to give concerts in Holland in St. Bavo Catholic Cathedral of Haarlem and in the historical church “De duif” in Amsterdam (August 2015), in Germany (Marienstatt Abtei, September 2016) and in England (Bath Abbey, October 2016). Among other places, he is going to play in Germany (St Nikolaus Kirche, Stuttgart, July 2017 and Herford Münster, December 2017) and in England (Westminster Abbey, London, November 2018).

He collaborates regularly with the Choir “R. Maghini” in Turin, of which he has been the President till 2016. He played with the Choir some concerts in the last five years within the Festival “Music in the Places of the Spirit”. Moreover, he exhibited with the Choir in 2011 at the Music Conservatory of Torino, in September 2013 in the Church of the Holy Face in Torino within the Festival “Mito per la Città” and in November 2013  in Chivasso for the Organ Festival “Organalia 2013”.

He is the founder and artistic director of two important International Organ Festivals that take place each year in Cuneo and in Alba.

He has taught Organ and Organ Composition at the City Music School of Busca (Cuneo) till 2015.

In January 2011 he gave a conference on Italian organ music and gave lessons for an organ execution Master Class at the Music Institute of Granollers in Spain.

He has been involved as work director in the restoration of the organ Lingiardi (1872) in the church of S. Ambrogio and of the organ Vittino (1874) in the church of S. Maria, both in Cuneo. He was been a member of the Committee for the restoration and enlargement of the Carlo Vegezzi-Bossi great organ (IV, 52) in the church of the Holy Heart in Cuneo and he is currently following an analoguous work on the Francesco Vegezzi-Bossi organ in the church of the Holy Virgin of Graces in Turin.

He recorded a CD with pieces for organ solo and for organ and trumpets.